Promotion: 2015 Jaguar XJ L Portfolio

2015 Jaguar XJ L Portfolio

Beauty, all-round refinement and sheer exhilarating power. XJ is pure Jaguar. Pure passion in motion – the sweep of XJ’s streamlined roof is fashioned to slice the air like a blade. Its strong lightweight aluminium body connects with the driver to provide agility, superlative handling and to make the experience sublime. This, combined with its innovative technology, allows XJ to react to road conditions and other cars alike. Together they give the car its unique driver focus. XJ was created for the  serious driver. And because there is ample space to stretch out and relax in a cabin that is crafted to pamper, XJ was created for the serious passenger too. XJ appeals to everyone’s senses. It looks alive. It feels alive. This is the extraordinary XJ.

You can see and touch the XJ’s opulent good looks. What you hear and feel is its compelling and spirited driving performance. These living, sensory experiences are part of XJ’s extraordinary characteristics. They were achieved by modelling every component in 43,000 separate 3D simulations. More than 4 million kilometres were covered on virtual journeys across some of the most harsh and arduous terrain in the world. XJ’s robust capabilities are reflected in its low, wide stance and long taut waistline. Design and engineering come to life.

The view from inside the XJ is exceptional: a panoramic, heat-reflective glass roof extends to the full width of the car and sweeps as far back as the rear seat area. It filters UV rays and floods the interior with natural light making it airy, enviably spacious and, due to effective tinting, private. The view for those on the outside is equally exhilarating with its long, low aspect, breathtaking profile and the rear screen appearing to wrap seamlessly around the car to create a floating roofline.

XJ welcomes you with soothing phosphor blue interior lighting bathing the cabin with its subtle tones to reveal aesthetic perfection and practicality; from the features of the centre console to the details of the door panniers and door pulls. Gleaming chrome instruments invite you to touch. Solid coolness greets your fingers. Before the wheels have even turned, starting XJ is a moving experience. The start button needs only a light touch to raise the aluminium JaguarDrive Selector™ into the palm of your hand.

Intuitive technology is simply expressed in XJ. It seamlessly connects driver to car and road to empower, but never overpower, the driving experience. With its innovative Virtual Instrument panel, XJ’s instrument cluster is not only customisable but always ready to display the most relevant information in an instant. It appears, on a crystal-clear screen, to be as real and solid as a 3-dimensional version. The screen automatically varies the display to give the driver relevant updates, such as information on the road ahead and fuel range. Simple 5-way controls on the steering wheel provide access to regularly used functions and are fully integrated with the Virtual Instruments.

A single 8 inch colour Touch-screen in the centre console provides multi-function control and displays the three primary functions; audio, climate control and satellite navigation. At the same time, it can simultaneously present entertainment for the passenger via its innovative Dual View display. So, while the driver is at one with the car and the road, the front seat passenger can be at one with their choice of movie. For a hands-free experience, the system also offers voice control of audio, navigation and telephone connectivity.

XJ is driven by an exceptional engine built to satisfy different driving requirements but always ensuring outstanding performance and handling. It features an 8-speed transmission for whisper smooth gear changes, delivering both a more responsive ride and fuel economy benefits. Drive mode or Sport mode can be chosen with the JaguarDrive Selector™. Sport mode allows full manual gear shift control of XJ using one-touch paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. Even in the automatic Drive mode, the paddles allow temporary override for the instant power needs that manoeuvres like overtaking demand. Stop/Start technology also improves fuel efficiency by detecting when the engine isn’t required and shutting it down – Eco Stop. Once the brake pedal is released, Eco Start re-starts the engine without hesitation: immediate, seamless and gentle on the environment.

This 2015 Jaguar XJ L Portfolio is sale priced at $88,000 or lease from $1,137 per month plus GST for 48 months with 0 down payment.  Use the links below to request more details or call us to speak to one of our representatives today.

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