Commercial Leasing

At Stampede Leasing, we do more than just provide great lease rates for your commercial vehicle leasing needs. We employ a lease-management program that ensures proper management of your fleet of leased commercial vehicles in the Calgary area. Through our proven system you are given the flexibility to make choices that are right for your business.


To get started, fill out our online application form, or call one of our professionals today at (403) 769-9846.


Why lease your compagny's vehicles?

Cash flow is important to any business big or small. Protecting cash flow and reducing strain on lines of credit are primary factors in choosing to lease your commercial vehicles. There are many other benefits to leasing, especially with Stampede Leasing:

  • Time savings
  • Tax Benefits
  • Fleet/Wholesale Pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Complimentary Fleet Management Services

Acquire the vehicles your business needs with little or no down payment and low monthly payments. As you are only paying for depreciation that occurs during your lease term, your payments tend to be lower. Why not invest your capital in an appreciating asset or further your business venture instead of purchasing vehicles that continually depreciate.



  • All makes and models
  • Import or Domestic
  • New or Used
  • Variable term leases
  • Variable mileage leases
  • Flexible lease buyout options
  • Flexible residuals and depreciation schedules

Fleet review

  • No-cost service designed to maximize your leasing investment.
  • Review of existing lease parameters and restrictions
  • Review of use, mileage and total cost of operation
  • Concise recommendations for your business
  • Outline all of the options available to you at lease end or earlier if desired.

Strategic Pricing

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fleet and wholesale pricing
  • Full access to incentives
  • Strategic depreciation and residuals
  • Model vs. model cost analysis

Stampede Leasing can offer your company’s employees an outstanding benefit at no cost to the company. We will be pleased to work with your social club director or appropriate HR representative to set up an employee leasing program. This program extends the advantage of our fleet pricing and fleet incentives to your employees. In addition, our quarterly newsletters will give them access to exceptional values on off-lease used vehicles. We can arrange “special purchase days” making all models available for test drive, provide refreshments and offer on-site lease approval. For more information, contact us online or by phone at 403 769-9846 and ask your Stampede Leasing professional.