Glossary & FAQs



This term indicates the amount a customer has to pay in order to terminate a lease in advance of the expiration date.

Book Value

The accounting value of the vehicle. This does not necessarily represent its market value.

Closed-End Lease

Also known as a "Walk Away" lease where you are only responsible for excess kilometres, body damage and worn out tires at the end of the lease.

Capitalized Cost

The net amount after the down payment that the lease is calculated on.

Down Payment

This amount is paid up front to lower your monthly payments or make a more expensive vehicle affordable.

Early Termination

The ending of a lease before the scheduled termination date. Charges may apply if the vehicle is worth less than the book value.


The amount by which the market value of your vehicle exceeds the book value or loan balance.

Independent Leasing Company

A company like Stampede Leasing that can offer any make of vehicle. Most importantly we are direct lenders not brokers.

Kilometre Allowance

The distance you are able to drive without incurring additional charges. Since the Residual Value is based on your estimated driving, it is best to structure a lease in consideration of your driving habits.


A contract between a lessor and a lessee for the use of a vehicle or other equipment, subject to stated terms and conditions, for a specified period and at a specified payment.

Lease Term

The number of months a lease will run.

Lease Extension

Or Lease Renewal. When you want to keep your vehicle past the termination date and a new lease is negotiated.

Open-End Lease

A contract in which the lessee guarantees that the leasing company will realize the residual value at the end of the lease.

Option to Purchase

The amount you can pay to purchase a leased vehicle at the end of the lease term (Taxes excluded).


The balance owed on a lease prior to the termination date.

Pre-Authorized Payment

The most popular method of payment whereby your fixed monthly payment is debited directly from your bank account.

Refundable Security Deposit

An amount paid up front that is held by the leasing company to cover any unpaid bills, mileage fees or repairs at the end of the lease term.

Residual Value

This is the book value to which a vehicle is depreciated during the term of the lease

Used-Vehicle Leasing

Leasing of off-lease or previously owned vehicles.


Why should I deal with Stampede Leasing and not a car manufacturer?
We offer custom-designed leases to suit your needs. Since we do not represent any one manufacturer, we can offer advice and prices on all makes and models. You deal directly with us and not a 3rd-party finance company.
We take trades and normally pay more because we have customers for all makes of used cars. We will either re-lease your vehicle or offer it to our wholesale dealer network.
Many of our customers prefer to lease used cars. We can source any type of used car or commercial vehicle and save you money. We also lease vehicles that our clients have found, including exotic sports cars. If your lease is expiring at another leasing company we can buy it and write a new lease with you.
A new lease is a multi-year commitment. Putting down some money up front can substantially lower your payments and make things easier along the way. If the dream vehicle seems beyond your budget, a down payment helps you get more car without increasing your monthly payments.
We normally accept customers with a credit Beacon score of 600 or higher. If you have experienced a rough period we can probably structure a lease for you. Contact us to see what we can do.
The easiest and most common payment method is Pre-Authorized withdrawals from your checking account.
For warranty work and regular inspections you can go to any dealer in Canada or the United States. We have established valued relationships with many dealers and our service manager can help our customers receive VIP treatment. We can also recommend other garages for non-warranty repairs.
Any time before the end of the lease, you can buy out your vehicle. Changing or just returning it will depend on our book value compared to the market value. We discourage high residual values because they make it difficult to get out of leases.
Depending on what kind of lease you have, you can pay to purchase the vehicle, or we can find you a new car, or if you are happy with the one you have we can extend the lease for a longer period. We can also re-lease your vehicle to another family member, friend or colleague at work.
Most customers do not have to pay anything. Others will be charged for amounts that remain outstanding from the lease, along with a charge for kilometres in excess of what was agreed to. We also charge for worn out or mismatched tires and for abnormal body or mechanical repairs.
Upon the return of a vehicle we do a visual and mechanical inspection. The following is not a complete list but represents what can be charged back to a lessee.
  • Cracked or ripped plastic and chipped glass.
  • Dents to the body that are larger than the size of a credit card.
  • Mismatched or worn out tires.
  • Missing summer or all-season tires.
  • Serious mechanical problems, including any non-operating feature of the vehicle like the air conditioning.
  • Missing keys and remotes.
The best way to avoid extra charges at the end of a lease is to keep your vehicle well maintained and have it inspected before returning it.